Why I Like It Here 1

I’m really settling cheap mlb jerseys in here again. It just feels better than ©SoMe. I like the sense that this is mine. My little corner of the digital world. I can delete comments easily, block ip’s, design it the way I want it, and generally have control here. Truthfully I also like not having to see other people’s stuff. Just so much crap. Liking and Pinning things is not interesting to me. Original stuff is. It seems that the people now think that liking or linking to something means that they created it in their cheap jerseys minds. Liking has become creating to most of you. I get it, I wholesale nfl jerseys do. We all dream of being artists and creating beautiful things for the world, but there is a world of difference between cheap jerseys those who actually world! create something beautiful from nothing, and those who like it.

Maybe it’s me. I don’t know, but I get the sense wholesale jerseys China I’m not alone in this thinking. It’s all become noise. There is no signal, and if there is one it’s become impossible to find anyway. Also, this transparency bullshit is ridiculous. No company will ever be transparent, and neither will you or me. Maps If we were we would be seeing a lot more posts about drug addiction, abuse, alcoholism, violence against women. That’s reality for a lot of you and most of Silicon Valley. I’ve seen it. That’s reality for this world, but that’s not a good post now is it?

Anyway, I’ll be hanging here more, and just spitting out links to google plus and twitter. I like it here. It’s safe, clean, Free well designed, and my digital home.