What Is MIP’s? 2

MIP’s, Media Induced Psychosis is a syndrome wholesale nfl jerseys first diagnosed by Larry Rosenthal. Despite the diagnosis and Jewish last name Larry is not a Doctor. That being said if you have more than 3 of these traits you probably should see a real one though, or at the very least get out of the house more often. Please help to fund further goofing and research here.

You think you are famous.
You think you are in a movie.
You think you should be on reality show.
You made a dance video.
You attend more than 3 conferences a year.
You have You sex less than once a month.
You ?????????? are a hacktivist.
You wait on lines for gadgets.
You upgrade your phone every year.
You accept Wikipedia as fact.
You tweet positive quotes.
You retweet compliments.
You a thought leader or influencer.
Pornography has affected your sex life.
You still wear a hoodie as an adult.
You defend websites as you would a friend.
You are AC/DC/VC or all three.
You prefer Silicon Valley over Silicon breasts.
You vomited at SxSw.
You are the Mayor of your Here local cheap mlb jerseys Starbucks.
You were fired it wasnt a pivot.
It was a followup wholesale mlb jerseys marketing call, that doesnt make you a consultant.
You hang out with people who’d more likely get VC than VD.
You tried to pay rent with social capital.
You’ve put more than 10 top ten lists online.
You give out top 5 predictions every year.
You believe the internet is a community.
You’re a white guy from marin always talking about “tribes”.
You wear yellow glasses.
Your hair acts as antennas.
You use jon stewart and edward r morrow in the same sentence.
You put “lifehacker” on your business card.
You prefer google glasses over shot Overfishing glasses.
You spend more time talking about Steve Jobs than working at yours