Trump Is Not Hitler And Why Jews Should Vote Trump 2

I’m Jewish. I went to Yeshiva as a little boy for a few years before public school. I had religious Grandfathers. I sang in the choir during high holidays with one. The other I would sit with in the White Shul in Far Rockaway, NY away from the women. These experiences with them are the best memories I have of my youth. They both died and I lost my way religiously.

Then a few Chabad guys found me on La Brea Ave and asked if I wanted to lay tefillin. After me actually saying no, and my goyisha girl calling me a monster for saying no to a message from G-d I ran after them and lay tefillin right there which I had not done since my Bar Mitzvah. I cried and cried as I felt Hashem enter me along with the presences of my Grandfathers. I now try and go to Shul twice a week when the Torah is out. They say when you pray you talk to g-d, when the Torah is read that is G-d talking to you, so I figure those two days are good ones to go. We light candles, but I tweet. I still love and eat pork. I believe the 13 principles. I’m doing the best I can on to keep the 613 commandments. I say this because I wanted to get my Jew credentials out of the way.

Recently there have been comparisons of Trump and Hitler. What’s troubling is that it’s coming from Jews in addition to a rabid press. It’s troubling because it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever based on any indications from Trump. I see the complete opposite of what my brothers see. We’ll get to why in a moment. The pressing issue is the entire stance of approving this rhetoric. Hitler is the greatest evil against the Jewish people in our history. He almost did it too. The bastard almost did it didn’t he? To equate Trump with this man is not an insult to Trump, but to us as Jews. Hitler is not a meme which quite frankly he’s already become, but a true symbol of evil, not only for Jews either. Now his name is thrown around like the Kardashians. Meaningless.

It doesn’t even make any sense from any perspective. Let’s go over a few things. (TRIGGER WARNING)

As stated above I’m not orthodox and I am far from Super Jew. We all read the same prayer book though. I don’t see the United States mentioned in it. Anywhere. I do see lot’s of talk of trusting in g-d, and Israel always surviving fight after fight. I believe in the strength of our people and our covenant. The United States or it’s President is not important for Israel’s future. Our covenant and willingness to uphold our end of the bargain will ensure Israel’s future. American politics is not a religious issue.

Ben Shapiro a noted conservative Jewish radio host and writer recently went after Trump for not disavowing David Duke and the KKK fast enough. I don’t know a single Jew other than Ben who is afraid of the KKK. It never even enters into consciousness nor should it. When was the last time the KKK killed a Jew? Ben is busy virtue signaling via tweet that David Duke is a “piece of shit” to prove his virtue over Trump. All I see is a young Jewish guy fighting with ghosts to make himself look good. In real life Ben snuck in the back door to give a speech because he was afraid of Black Lives Matter activists. I can only imagine what he’d do if it was a Muslim group. Trump wouldn’t sneak in the back door, neither would I or you I hope.

I guess Ben and others missed the memo that Trump’s greatest achievement is his Daughter Ivanka, who converted to Orthodox Judaism and has given the Don a whole set of beautiful orthodox grandchildren. I also believe the two sons married some Jewish American Princesses. All his grandchildren are Jewish. Now think about calling him Hitler and how monstrous that really is. Do you really think he’s going to round up his own Daughter and grandkids?

Trump can’t say how much he likes Israel and Jews to attract those who don’t.

That’s all this is. He needs all of us and let’s be honest if he came out and said how much he’ll support Israel he would probably lose. This isn’t about Israel, and as I stated above it doesn’t even need to be anyway, and being proud to be white is no different than being proud to be black, Jewish, hispanic, asian, gay, whatever. White guys have done cool stuff. I’m also white although I do tan easily. The point is that we all belong to a group and that’s okay. I know lots of alt-right guys. Some are anti-semitic, some aren’t. Mostly I think they are anti-asshole.

I don’t care who is anti-semitic anyway. Because if it comes down to a fight I’m ready for it and it won’t be fought on Twitter. Not worried one bit. I  guess that’s my faith kicking in. That when G-d said he’d help us if needed. I believe that. If we fight.

What I believe doesn’t matter though. What matters is that Jews should never ever cry Hitler Wolf. Because we all know how that story ends and if you don’t that’s a shame because you were taught by your grandfather just like me to never forget.


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