Thoughts On Mike Arrington Hitting Women

Sad stuff.

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  • Good posting. Necessary and sad consequence of this secular society. We tend to pick and defend the wrong heroes.

  • Fred Grott

    You and I grew up in an era where mankind was not as enlightened. I get the impression that your Mom was and is a strong role model in your life as was and is mine. That being said I think both of us were lucky in having such strong women models as w do not have the illusion of man’s creation of god myths, present audience excluded, clouding our vision of how each of one us should be treated no matter the gender or sexual orientation.

    Lets put it this way I have a personal situation close to me in which the alleged perp has seen my physical anger towards such shit. Lets just say things are in motion to reduce the ability of the perp to any more damage. It is a tough issue to deal with.

  • […] tech blogger Loren Feldman, a former good friend of Arrington’s, goes further in a video posted to YouTube today. “I think he did it,” Feldman says. “Personally, I think he did […]

  • New Fan

    Wow! You must be the ONLY man in the seemingly-far-too-insular and perhaps even a bit emasculated tech world (real men do not sexually degrade or harass women, as one does to those whom they fear; they admire and woo them) with both a conscience and courage. I have mad respect for you as the result of this video. I would only hope that other men and women (for surely women have also heard the allegations, believe Michael Arrington, based on his extremely obvious temper, capable of the allegations, and have been subjected to similar, if less severe, treatment) will come forward and add their voices to yours, else it looks like Michael Arrington will brush off the allegations, make a few more of his infamous overt and covert threats, and be free to continue this cycle of control and abuse.

    It really is time for all of the tech world to stand together and, at the very LEAST, demand some answers. I had never heard of any of the players till the Gawker article was posted, and from seeing images of Michael Arrington I cannot imagine any woman finding him attractive (especially Jenn Allen, who is very attractive) because his images (taken all by themselves) exude a sort of compressed rage, like replicating data filling a hard drive to the exploding point, but after watching this video, I am finding you kind of hot because of your bravery. Go, hottie brave guy, GO! ;-)

    Hitting and abusing women is not brave. Being afraid to speak the truth is not brave. And I am always shocked at how many men do not grasp that women find brave men HOT!

  • […] denouncing Arrington. Another former pal, blogger Loren Feldman, has come out against him with a YouTube video. “I think he did it,” he says. “Personally, I think he did it. I think he did all […]

  • Lisa

    Thanks Loren, really appreciate your statement.

  • Very powerful. Thank you for making this video.

  • vf

    Shocking that this guy has had all this clout while rumors like this were swirling around him FOR YEARS?! This isn’t France, how did that happen? It’s one thing for women to not be willing to come forward, but you’d think rumors like that would kill his career. What the hell is wrong with Silicon Valley????????

  • mike

    Well said Loren. Good on you, mate.

  • […] valley for years,” ex-friend and fellow tech blogger Loren Feldmen said in a YouTube video. “Story after horrific story of unimaginable behavior […]

  • Abe Cevado

    Really Loren felMAN. The first thing I would like to point out to you being a psychiatrist, I see that you have a complex about your baldness. So already from the get go, you have some emotional baggage on how you look and how others perceive you. Only men that want to hide their baldness from society hide their heads the way you are doing it.
    Number 2: You look like a sad, depressed individual, you look like life has sucked out anything happy from you.

    You call Michael a friend? yet you go online stating that he is guilty of actions against women, you dont even know. Where you there?

    I am going to make my own video giving my own personal opinion about you being a Wiesel, that is my own opinion after all.

    You have no facts to go by and yet you dont give your so called friend the benefit of the doubt.

    Again my medical training and clinic time has thought me so well to spot people such as yourself.
    You produce nothing, you are a nothing, you are scum and yet your jealousy and envy from Mike makes you hate him so much that you go out of your way and criticize him.

    • New Fan

      Dear “Abe Cevado” (BTW, there exists no Abe Cevado, but there does exist a Cevado Technologies. A clue? Are you Mike Abusington?),

      To have earned an actual degree in Psychiatry is to have completed a level of education so academically intense (and including med school), as to have achieved an understanding of psychology and physiology sufficient to safely prescribe medication without killing one’s patients.

      This academically-grueling course of study necessitates levels of intelligence and intellect (look up the difference) which your comment hilariously self-refutes.

      In short, your slip is showing.

      That you feel compelled to petulantly impersonate an actual PhD-toting professional so as to lend credence and authority to your opinions (in this case regarding Loren’s supposed psycho-social motivations, as motivated by what you deem to be a subconscious impetus), is to expose your own insecurity and lack of conviction. Like the kid who yells, “I hate you! And… everybody else doe too!”

      I might believe that you successfully completed a single class in Psych 101 at The University Of Phoenix, but I would never believe that you are even a Psychologist posing as a Psychiatrist.

  • Eric

    Abe, no way you got through college with grammar and spelling that bad. You’re about as much a psychiatrist as I am a Sith Lord. And if you did get through some sort of schlocky program, they should be ashamed of themselves. Kindly let us know which program it was, so we can avoid its graduates.

    As far as Feldman and his baldness is concerned, there’ve been a zillion videos of the guy completely bald. Maybe his head’s cold, who cares. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, Freud boy.

    • New Fan de beauvoir


      WE crossed paths on this one, as your comment went up *right* after I hit send.

      It is an honor to share an opinion with an actual Sith Lord! Myself? I am an astronaut, and part time Marine Biologistess.


  • Loren

    My head does get cold. Thanks guys, but I don’t take these guys seriously and they never hurt my feelings or get to me.

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