The Altright And Modern Conservatism 1

So the altright is rebranding as the newright. It doesn’t matter. Trump wants no part of Pepe now. In fact Pepe is about to get slaughtered publicly. I told you from the beginning the extreme antisemitism wasn’t the right angle. White, poor, or pissed was. Trump’s daughter and most important thing in his life converted to orthodox judaism to marry Jared, Trump’s closest confidant. Trump was mentored by brilliant insane Jews his whole life. There will be Shabbos in the Whitehouse. That’s a fact. Hating Jews wasn’t helping or smart.

It’s easy and fun to hate Jews. We win a lot. Basically by working hard and maybe some genetics. When I discovered the altright it seemed like blue collar young pissed conservatives, but as Pepe took over the national zeitgeist it was over. Too much attention on a negative vibe. Too much on twitter. Should have kept it quiet. Gotta practice that free speech though. Even if it’s stupid. Now personally being a Maccabee none of this really bothered me. I knew Trump was going to be pro Israel and Jewish in general. That was pretty obvious. In fact his first phone call was to Bibi saying I love you. It was also a dog whistle to the antisemitic factions of America.

President Trump is going to need to eventually deal with the other side. He will have to offer something. It will be the altright. By contacting Bibi in addition to being good for America, it sends a message. “I’m not gonna deal with or care about your antisemitic bullshit. In fact I don’t like it.” That’s the dog whistle.

The altright can rebrand all it wants, they are finished. What this was really was about was the recalibrating of Conservatism. What that means in today’s world. As a Jew busting his ass like everyone else I assure you we aren’t the problem. The people who elected Trump don’t hate Jews, Blacks, Gays, or anyone else who is American and sane.

Modern Conservatism in broad terms. G-d, country, guns, small gov’t., financial prudence. Men are men, women are women kinda people. Enough with all the degenerate stuff, fuck the media, and all the condescending intelligentsia¬†bullshit too. Poor to middle class and struggling, or rich and pissed. All tired of this 1984 language bullshit. Modern conservatives don’t hate anyone, they just want to work, do their thing and feel safe in knowing that their own government isn’t inept or actually working against them. That’s who elected Trump, that’s what Modern Conservatism is.

So what happens to the altright? Many will realize they are actually modern conservatives. The antisemites dig in deeper. Trump establishes a relationship with Israel unseen in history and we all move on. As for Pepe? He’ll be seen on Passover when that occurs in the Whitehouse too. As the family counts out the plagues on their napkins with the wine and it gets to frogs Jared will smile and squeeze Ivankas hand as he looks at President Trump, grandson in lap, who looks at him back and winks.

G-d has blessed America.