Silenced. The War On Free Speech 1

I am pleased to officially announce my next film project.

“Silenced. The War On Free Speech.”

The film will be co-written by myself and Mike Cernovich who will also act as Executive Producer. I will Produce and Direct.

Mike and I didn’t know of each other until very recently. Despite similarities between us we worked different corners of the web. Mike contacted me after seeing “American Milo” about the possibility of us working on some projects together. Specifically a video series of his book “Gorilla Mindset” and a bigger project about the assault on free speech. I did my due diligence on him. Interesting twitter feed. Lawyer. Lifestyle author. I read his book, asked around. He’s legit. He also has a point of view and isn’t afraid to say it. He walks the walk.

Mike travels a lot and was going to be in Los Angeles. We agreed to meet. We immediately clicked and jumped into shooting the book series. All the while discussing the other project. Today that project becomes a reality. Mike has agreed to fully finance the film. He will be doing some sort of Kickstarter campaign so those who want to participate can, but he has agreed to fully finance it himself. Any additional funds will help me do more on screen and to help us promote the film when completed.

Mike is a passionate man about what he believes in, and I am humbled and excited that he believes enough in me to tackle this most important subject. Your voice. Free speech is slowly being chipped away at by social, corporate, media, and of course political forces. “Silenced” will show the importance and responsibility we all have to use our voice.

I would like to thank Mike for giving me a voice to show you how important your’s is.