Monica Lewinsky Rewriting American History 8

Monica Lewinsky has recently joined twitter and has proclaimed herself “Victim Zero” in being cyberbullied. She is now an advocate for those who were bullied just as she was. I don’t need to tell you who Monica Lewinsky do I? Of course I don’t. She is part of American history. She was the main character of a huge public story that almost impeached a President. Of course I don’t have to tell you. You knew before Facebook, Buzzed, Secret, and Snapchat even existed. It was a big story. Matt Drudge broke it online, and then of course it went from there. It was a pretty crazy story.

Monica Lewinsky started as an unpaid intern working at the White House. She later got a paid job there. I don’t know too much about how one goes about getting such an opportunity like that, but I would assume it’s a combination of family connections, and the applicant being bright and qualified enough to handle the responsibilities. Regardless of connections, you are not getting the gig unless you are very sharp and not some sort of security threat. Monica got the gig. The golden ticket. A chance to show the White House including the President and First Lady themselves that she was among the best and brightest that America had to offer. That she was there for a reason. She was there for a reason alright. To have an affair with the married, sitting President of the United States. Not the road most bright, ambitious American women would take. I think most women would have taken this gift of access and introduction to Washington’s elite and done things differently. I think they would have worked hard, been loyal to their First Lady, and tried to make a name for themselves. A name that would forever be associated with a hardworking, smart young woman who took a great chance and ran with it, and became an older woman who looks back and is proud of herself and her life of accomplishment. For getting that chance and not blowing it.

This wasn’t the first time Monica had an affair with a married man. In 1992, she began a five-year affair with Andy Bleiler, her married former high school drama instructor.  She was a sharp girl. It takes a lot to carry on affairs. Secrecy, lies, it’s a real pain and that’s why most people who cheat get caught, and that’s a lot of people. Monica was good at it though, so performing oral sex on the President in the Oval Office wouldn’t be that difficult to keep quiet. “Come in here dear girl, have a cigar, you’re gonna go far.”

The only problem is they did get caught because neither Monica nor Bill are as smart as they think they are. President Clinton was almost impeached and he should have been. It is beyond my comprehension that our country was being led by someone so reckless. It is so wrong on so many levels I don’t even know where to begin. I want my President to be better than some married, sad sack, shift manger at K-Mart in Iowa who has an affair with the young cashier because he’s bored and misses H.S. Baseball.

The whole scandal was difficult to watch as an American and a human being. The leader of the free world and a savvy young woman managed to hook up in the White House. It was a perfect storm. We are lucky that the only thing that happened was the ensuing theatrics. I understand that no man is perfect, but there are some fundamental qualities we want and need in our President. There has to be some sort of moral character that comes into play and minimum benchmarks must be met. A President who uses his power, charm and famous ability to “make you feel like you are the only person in the room” on an employee is not the President I want. That behavior is more appropriate for a Silicon Valley CEO.  We need a President with a strong moral compass and is not prone to letting his penis guide him for a number of reasons.

What if Monica was a lunatic? What if she was a spy? What if she was a political operative? What if she wanted the President… What if? On a strictly national security level I would think it’s not best practice to let the Commander In Chief engage in such activities, but what do I know. I don’t know if Monica was any of these things. I do know she was savvy, rich, educated, and knew her way around an extra-marital affair.

Aside from the security issues the personal issues are there as well. I’m not going to question the Clinton’s marriage. I have no idea what goes on beyond closed doors. Imagine though if the First Lady wasn’t so forgiving. Imagine the First Lady moving out of the White House because she was humiliated, and more importantly heart broken. I could not even imagine what that would look like. A crying heart broken First Lady leaving the White House on the helicopter with her young daughter. All because her husband, our President risked his security, her security, and the nation’s security to get a blowjob from a girl he knows nothing about.

That was then, and this is now though. Now Monica wants us to reframe American history to fit her new narrative about her role in one of the biggest scandals in American politics. She was a victim. A victim who was bullied by the press, by society at large. She will now be an advocate for those being bullied cyber or not. I suspect she won’t be very effective considering she doesn’t understand the demo. There is a difference between victims of bullying, and mistresses who get caught. The fact that she even compares the two, let alone self-anoints herself their voice is reprehensible.

Victims of bullying don’t put themselves in that situation. None of their acts are cause for the bullying. It is their essence alone that provokes bullying. The gay kid doesn’t have to be walking around with a penis in his mouth. The fat kid doesn’t have to be eating a twinkie. The Chinese kid doesn’t have to be doing calculus. The Jewish kid doesn’t need to be eating matzoh. Their very “being” alone is enough. They are innocent, anonymous victims of the worst part of people sometimes. That’s not Monica Lewinsky though.

She did fit in. Pretty, smart, rich, educated, savvy, connected. She had all the makings and trappings of being a winner at the American dream. She was never bullied in her life. She was reported on. She was a key player in a story that through the sheer grace of god ended better than it could have. She was no victim, and even if she was, what does that tell us about our President? She was NEWS, a willing and knowing participant in yet another affair with a married man. She was not some kid with downs syndrome being picked on in school and on Facebook. She was a knowing adult who knew exactly what she was doing. For her to now paint her self as a victim is a disservice to the anti-bullying movement. She should be ashamed.

Monica Lewinsky deserves a life. Everyone deserves a second chance, although in her case, this will be at least the third maybe fourth, but whose counting. Instead of positioning herself as a victim of bullying and lecturing about that I have another idea for her.

She should lecture women on the perils of living a life like she has. On having affairs with married men, President or not. On contributing to the pain of a fellow woman and mother, First Lady or not. On squandering a chance that so few will ever get the chance at. On not taking responsibilities for one’s own actions. On not being able to grow and accept her role in a scandal that will forever be part of the annals of American culture. These things did happen, and this will never change despite the P.R. spin she is now attempting.

Monica Lewinsky and President Clinton are equally guilty in their lack of good judgement. The President is more disappointing of course. We expect more, or we used to at least. I guess I have gotten old. I remember a time when we did want, and looked for a President who while not perfect, understood what it meant to be decent. Not perfect, but decent. Perhaps that time will come again and we can have a new story about a President and an intern.

A story about a President and a group of people standing tall behind him who have his back, as opposed to a single girl in front on her knees.

God Bless America.