Milo Was Always Free

As we all know by now my old friend and recent muse Milo was banned forever from twitter. There was a whole big fuss about it. #FreeMilo. Here’s the thing though, Milo was always free, and still is thank you very much. Some people are bigger than the platform. Ya dig? Milo is one of those guys. That’s why we’ve been friends for years. It’s why I made “American Milo”. I knew I was capturing a star at an important moment in the cultural zeitgeist. He had “it”.

He still has “it” even if he has no twit.

He is a vital and fearless voice of a generation and not being on twitter doesn’t change that. He is still doing a ton of work.  Writing, touring colleges and all sorts of other Miloesque things. That’s another thing I always respected about him. He would crank the work out. Quality work. 140 characters are fine for most people. Most people have nothing to say, or are afraid to say it. Milo is not one of those people. Milo was always free.

Here’s where he is. If you want him on twitter share his work there. He’ll also be in “Silenced”.


“American Milo”