I Know How Scared You Are 1

I gained 276 new people on google+ today. And it is so meaningless. People I’ll never meet, know or even read anything they post. As for them I’ll pretty much return the meaningless vibe to them by posting pictures of sammies, or talking about Hugh Jackman, or making a video they will never see. Is it funny? Sure it is, cheap NFL jerseys but just as meaningless.

Maybe it’s me, in fact I know it’s me, but the truth of the matter is that most of this stuff makes me sad. I so see through the nonsense. That’s not a gift either, it’s a curse in fact. cheap jerseys I see so many people trying so hard, doing meaningless shit for all the wrong reasons to begin with. The stench of desperation is even stronger than the bullshit they are ?????????????×??????????????????2016?10?????? slinging. Everyone is so smart, everyone knows how to do it all. How to get rich. How to write. How to make videos. How to relate. How to communicate. How to do, well everything. If everyone is so smart why are things so fucked up then? If everyone is so transparent why do so many lie. Why do we let the bad guys win? And without even a fight? The web and ©SoMe is sending us backwards. It’s not advancing anything. Anything. Twitter didn’t save Egypt. Itunes didn’t save music. YouTube is not replacing TV or the movies. Blogging is not replacing writing.

I occasionally come across linser a post that breaks my heart. A person who is so honest and raw. You can sense their fear, and it’s heartbreaking to me. Heartbreaking. Most of the time these cheap mlb jerseys poor beautiful saps have no fucking clue how it really works. They are so scared. I think it’s okay to be scared. I am tougher than 99% of you, and I get scared. A lot. I get scared about the same shit, we all do in fact. We all get scared about money, love, wholesale NFL jerseys health, and our place in the world. Every single one of us gets scared and it’s okay. You RéSERVATIONS can face it, you can fold, you can make believe it’s not happening, but it is, and that’s okay.

Cluetrain, transparency, these are all lies. Bullshit. Utter bullshit. I Why know the truth about so many people and compared to their truths that they present. Well let’s say it just doesn’t jive. That’s okay I guess. That’s the game. It is what it is. The real choice is how we react. Do we participate? Do we turn a blind eye? Do we become like them? What? I don’t sensiblen really know. I may be considered an asshole by many of you. I know I am. That’s cool. I never got into this to be popular. I got into it because I had something to say. A point of view. I don’t wholesale MLB jerseys change either of those things based on what I think people will like. I can’t. It’s just not me. I do what I do to make more powerful people than I think. The laughs are the smokescreen. You know this right? Well some of you do at least. I think.

I was talking with someone tonight I consider to be a very bright guy. A gentle man. A sincere man. And what struck me was the sincerity. That’s what’s missing for me. Those few of you who know me, people I hang with. I hope they see that in me. I think it’s a beautiful thing. To look into someone’e eyes and know that they are sincere. Right or wrong they believe what they are saying to be truth. Even if it’s just their own truth I guess. Anyway, here’s the point. It’s okay to be scared, it’s okay to wanna get rich, it’s okay to be anything, just don’t fuck with other people in the process and tell Park your truth. You might be surprised to find that a little sincerity goes a long way, or the world might just kick the shit out of you. Either way just do it for yourself, because once you start doing things for other people and the wrong reasons it’s hard to get off that track. That’s something I sincerely don’t want to see happen to any of you.