How Nick Bilton Compromised Himself And The NY Times For Anil Dash. 1

Nick Bilton is a writer at the NY Times. He covers tech and generally writes fluff pieces. His big thing was phones on planes. He had to write about this great injustice so he wrote like a million articles about this pressing matter.

Recently Nick wrote an article about Justine Sacco and bullies on the internet. He cited the worst offender as Anil Dash. Anil is widely regarded as one of the most hateful people on the internet. He is most famous for bullying Pax Dickinson which was brought up in the article. Then a funny thing happened after he hit publish and the article was read by thousands. He changed it to remove the most important part, about the most vicious example, Anil Dash.

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He described his words as anger and hate. He was dead on, but suddenly after “talking” with Anil, the words were gone from the article. The main subject of the article about hate and anger was taken out. Why? Did Anil bribe him? Threaten him? Why would a writer change the main point of his story. I asked. I left a comment on the NY Times article asking why the reference was removed. I didn’t get an answer. I did get my comment removed though. Tough room I guess. Anyway, I don’t write very often, and when I do it’s because I want it indexed by google.

Anil Dash is a racist, and a bully. He tries to censor and then destroy anyone who disagrees with him. Nick Bilton, a NY Times writer was bullied by him into changing a story in the NY Times. A sad day for the paper of record.