He Won Now What

So it happened. It was manifest destiny. I’m not scared. I’m at my office. I’m excited. I know things will be different, at least a little bit. Probably no wall though. More like parts of a wall. That’s okay. People who hate Trump are really freaked out. He’s definitely a difficult personality type. I don’t think he can mess things up too badly though. Maybe he can fix some stuff who knows. I just like the radical change angle. He’s gonna be insane in a lot of ways. You know that. We just made a complete insecure, narcissist madman the most powerful guy in the world. He will be on TV a lot. I mean a lot. TV is much cooler than twitter. It’s gonna be incredible to see him handle all this, and how we handle it. Anyway, what’s done is done. This is done. It means a lot of things most of which we don’t know yet. What we do know is that life is going on. He will continue to infuriate his detractors and he will both please and disappoint his supporters. What’s that phrase again? Oh yeah. Politics as usual. This was more about culture. Were we really gonna elect such an obviously corrupt candidate. It was insulting quite frankly. We chose a reality TV #madman and he’s our guy. Better or worse. He is the guy. What happens to him and this country is up to us though. We’ll be fine. So will he.