Emails From Alex Hammer 14

This the shit I have to deal with because some maniac thinks he knows me from idiotic web videos. These are actual emails from Alex Hammer.

I wanted to say something about Jason (but not on Twitter). It is difficult to become Jason’s friend, because he only associates with a high level of individual. But Jason is apparently more loyal than you. He sticks with his friends, and that is a big part of his success. You don’t stick with your friends. As soon as they say something you don’t like you don’t want to be friends anymore. That isn’t friendship, that is using people (in my book), something you accuse me of. I think a lot of what you see in me is projection for how you feel. You are successful, but you don’t act like it. Successful people aren’t petty or mean. You are. So instead of seeing those things in yourself, you see them in me instead.

Thank you. You may want to pray for me, as I’m in about as much physical pain as I have ever experienced. While you are a successful individual, you will not attract a high level self-help audience until you become a more loving person. You have a great deal of insecurities and resentments from your life, and you rag on a lot of (famous) people as a result. I have sometimes done the same in the past to a degree, but I have self-corrected that. You have not. You ARE more successful than I am, but that does not mean that you are on a better path, only that you are on a quicker one. I don’t press the way you do things to belittle you. I am proud of you Loren. You are doing great things. But I want you to scale. Jason is scale. Gary V. is scale. I HAVE BEEN SETTING THE FOUNDATION FOR SCALE AND WORKING ON SCALE. I am successful also, but what I am doing is setting a SOLID FOUNDATION for massive results. I’ve spent years studying ecommerce, the tech industry and the major players and Media 2.0 is the kernal of the real deal for Amazon or Google (yes I interact with people on Twitter but MOST OF MY TIME IS SPENT STUDYING – AND DOING – SO THAT I HAVE SOMETHING MOST INTELLIGENT TO BUILD AND INTERACT ABOUT). I know how to build it, I just don’t have yet all of the resources. Knowing how to do it is even more important than having the money to do it, because when people see that you know how to do it they will give you the money, and conversely all of the money in the world won’t help one if one doesn’t know what one is doing. I’m not going to overdo it (you say I have little self-control, but I do things in portions and am very patient), but you see that even bronchitis doesn’t overly deter me. I know what I am doing and I know how to do it. In 2005 I was in a very bad car accident in which I was in the hospital for 28 days. The first thing I did when I got out was continue my campaign for Governor of Maine.

That’s just how I roll.

I need to know how we dominate together in our work goals and what that looks like. None of this trying to bend me to your will – that is a technique for amateurs.

I am off the hospital soon. You are a quitter. You give up on people so fucking easily.

I  know that one of my limitations is that I don’t sometimes realize that others are as smart or smarter than I am, so that is something that I am working on for 2015. One reason that I would like to work with you is that – even though we have not always brought out the best in each other – we work in overlapping content areas, and both focus on insights and connections within the tech industry. A few of my current LinkedIn contacts include: Walt Mossberg, Michael Arrington (no friend of yours or Jason’s I realize, Michael does have significant limitations), Arianna Huffington, Marc Benioff, Gary Vaynerchuk and more. If I was more competent at fundraising (and also a much better leader and entrepreneur) I know that Media 2.0 would be a unicorn company (over $1 billion valuation eventually) because we’ve already demonstrated that we are where Jeff Bezos and Larry Page are going (Amazon and Google ecommerce efforts, see links, but we are at such a nanoscale, especially compared to their companies, that getting there first – without massive sophisticated and leading assistance – is of inconsequential competitive advantage. I want to say a few words about teams winning in business over individuals. On the product/creative side, Jason Calacanis is no better than you, you each are geniuses, but Jason is a team builder and by extension a company builder. You are more of an artist and solo practitioner. Jason uses LAUNCH and TWIST and INSIDE etc. to leverage the efforts of other great individuals and companies. You have to be true to yourself, but to some degree, you could learn to do the same. This is (almost) 2015. Being one’s own principal marketer is – if you agree – so 1999. As Gary Vaynerchuck famously says (and I agree), “market in the year in which you live”. Gary also says, which I agree with as well, that being a successful entrepreneur is all about being punched in the face repeatedly, and succeeding nonetheless. Resiliency IS the defining factor. An active faith, or at a minimum positive thinking and seeing the best in things, can be a big part of that.

Jason is in the 8th year of LAUNCH (and he does TWIST and and is the most active syndicate on AngelList ALL AT THE SAME TIME). You can only increase your bandwidth, Loren, by forming partnerships. It’s about management, not just creation. You have the creative but you have to develop yourself as a manager. Otherwise you are only a one trick pony, although a talented one at what you do. He owns a media company with 65,000 paying subscribers. While that is small, it is in an area which is complementary to ours (congruent but without direct overlap) so it is a win-win. I want to go National in a partnership but first we need to get accepted by top accelerator to gain that level of social proof (although this Maine partnership will also also grow our scale). I’m not going to say that we will get into an elite accelerator, because they are so competitive, but we will try.

Sam Altman who took over Y Combinator from Paul Graham, has been in regular communication with me, and Y Combinator is one of the accelerators which we have applied to. I showed you my 7 page interview with David Cohen, CEO of TechStars. TechStars is another accelerator we have applied to. I don’t tell you most of the top people I am in contact with, because I don’t want you to contact them. Our startup Media 2.0 is a future unicorn company (defined as a startup with a valuation over $1 billion). We already have over 400,000 unique visitors per month across our network. If you very nice to me I will show you our full set of investor materials, which is much more extensive than what we have at

The reason I don’t like you is that you are extremely arrogant in regard to thinking that you know everything already. I would really appreciate it if you did not contact me anymore.

You are the real deal and your clients love you, but where you are vulnerable is that you have so much cynicism (which is a form of negativity) which is a weakness of mind which corresponds to an energy which drives clients away (when offered a better alternative). You have to address your psychological issues to remain competitive in this world.  You are loyal to your friends, which I respect you for and is integral to your success, but you are also a lone wolf, which is another aspect of your fear based mentality which clients sense and can easily repel them as a client.

I am successful but I am humble. I bring out the best in people by providing value (you are quick to tell others the truth about themselves, but blind to the truth about yourself). We’ll let your clients decide who has the better company. You’ve taken advantage of me for the last time. Do not contact me until or unless you have truly changed.

We have no right in this world to be selfish with impugnity. God did not put us in this world to misuse the talents HE gave us, but instead to use them to be of service. If you are providing value than I, along with the other people you encounter in life will be happy. Maybe I will steal your clients away from you (that is professionally allowed)  because I do a better product and better service. Respectfully, because you do have talent, I eat people like you for breakfast. What you are saying below could be perceived as a physical threat. Be careful.

You and I would make a great team, but you would have to work for me, because I am the smarter one. You think that I am a hothead, even dangerous (verbally) who would certainly wreck your reputation if you worked with me. I get it. In actuality, I walk up to the cliff, to see where the boundaries are, but I never go over (I’m afraid of heights actually). And I’m willing to change. I am an aggressive marketer, because I believe in what I am doing, and the quality is there. If people don’t know about you, you are doomed before starting.

Why I may be homeless and my company failed (facing extraordinary poverty). It’s extraordinarily innovative, but I am so weak sometimes as a person.