So the altright is rebranding as the newright. It doesn’t matter. Trump wants no part of Pepe now. In fact Pepe is about to get slaughtered publicly. I told you from the beginning the extreme antisemitism wasn’t the right angle. White, poor, or pissed was. Trump’s daughter and most important […]

The Altright And Modern Conservatism

So it happened. It was manifest destiny. I’m not scared. I’m at my office. I’m excited. I know things will be different, at least a little bit. Probably no wall though. More like parts of a wall. That’s okay. People who hate Trump are really freaked out. He’s definitely a […]

He Won Now What

It’s Election day. I have no idea who is going to win. Here is what I do know regardless of who wins though: America is a divided country and will continue to be. Grudges will be held by everyone. The language war will continue. Who will be silenced. What words. […]

If They Win

As we all know by now my old friend and recent muse Milo was banned forever from twitter. There was a whole big fuss about it. #FreeMilo. Here’s the thing though, Milo was always free, and still is thank you very much. Some people are bigger than the platform. Ya […]

Milo Was Always Free

I am cancelling the subscription model. I am too busy with film and other projects to warrant a subscription model no matter how inexpensive at this point in time. I have cancelled everyone’s PayPal subscription. The site will be free along with the 1000’s of videos on my YouTube channel. […]

Subscriptions Are Out

I’m directing a film called “Silenced,” produced by attorney and author Mike Cernovich. The film explores the cultural shift in acceptance of opposing views and the erosion of free speech in the United States today. Ben Shapiro is a brilliant, outspoken radio host and a champion of free speech. He […]

Silenced Film Clip – Ben Shapiro Appearance At CSULA

I am pleased to officially announce my next film project. “Silenced. The War On Free Speech.” The film will be co-written by myself and Mike Cernovich who will also act as Executive Producer. I will Produce and Direct. Mike and I didn’t know of each other until very recently. Despite […]

Silenced. The War On Free Speech

This the shit I have to deal with because some maniac thinks he knows me from idiotic web videos. These are actual emails from Alex Hammer. I wanted to say something about Jason (but not on Twitter). It is difficult to become Jason’s friend, because he only associates with a […]

Emails From Alex Hammer

Monica Lewinsky has recently joined twitter and has proclaimed herself “Victim Zero” in being cyberbullied. She is now an advocate for those who were bullied just as she was. I don’t need to tell you who Monica Lewinsky do I? Of course I don’t. She is part of American history. […]

Monica Lewinsky Rewriting American History

MIP’s, Media Induced Psychosis is a syndrome wholesale nfl jerseys first diagnosed by Larry Rosenthal. Despite the diagnosis and Jewish last name Larry is not a Doctor. That being said if you have more than 3 of these traits you probably should see a real one though, or at the […]

What Is MIP’s?

I gained 276 new people on google+ today. And it is so meaningless. People I’ll never meet, know or even read anything they post. As for them I’ll pretty much return the meaningless vibe to them by posting pictures of sammies, or talking about Hugh Jackman, or making a video […]

I Know How Scared You Are

I’m really settling cheap mlb jerseys in here again. It just feels better than ┬ęSoMe. I like the sense that this is mine. My little corner of the digital world. I can delete comments easily, block ip’s, design it the way I want it, and generally have control here. Truthfully […]

Why I Like It Here