Bryan Goldberg Is Not Funny. Neither Are You. 1

nebbish-2I need to fill you in on something. You are not funny. At all. I know you want to be, but it’s not gonna happen unless you were born that way. Being funny cannot be taught or learned just like it can’t be bought. Which is exactly the mistake Bryan Goldberg made. Bryan Goldberg is a nebbishy, schlubby webtard. He started Bleacher Report which was some shitty spammy sports site. He sold it for a bunch of money, and as they say BOOM! Bryan now thinks he’s funny and wise kinda like the VC’s who put out the cringe worthy rap videos, only he’s not as rich and fatter. The only problem is, he’s really just another rich dude who suddenly thinks he has talent beyond SEO. He’s been interviewed a lot over the years and it never goes well. He always comes off as smug and kinda stupid. Despite the obvious lack of cultural understanding he always demonstrates, he attempted to write some satire over at Pando Daily. It. Did. Not. Go. Well. At all.

Satire is the most difficult type of comedy to do. It requires a deep understanding of the cultural zeitgeist which Bryan has never shown to have. It also requires clever wordplay, timing, and a certain type of intellect to pull off. Also the satirist has to be likable which again Bryan fails miserably at. He’s just not likable. He comes off as a smug know it all, he also constantly demonstrates he lacks the ability to write clearly, let alone have the chops to write satire. Being Jewish doesn’t mean you are automatically funny.

Being funny is a gift from g-d and one of the most attractive traits a human being can have, which is why guys like me will always get the hottie, despite not being a millionaire. Everyone wants to be liked, and making people laugh is an easy way to do it which is why so many people try to be funny. It’s just not that easy though. Funny people make it look effortless, because it kinda is for them. To try and replicate a talent you don’t have is never going to end well.

That’s what it’s really about. Talent. Some people have it, and most people don’t. Especially when it comes to being funny. Bryan needs to stick to his talent. Producing shitty websites that game google that he can then sell. That’s his talent. He needs to leave the funny to the funny people.