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I’m directing a film called “Silenced,” produced by attorney and author Mike Cernovich. The film explores the cultural shift in acceptance of opposing views and the erosion of free speech in the United States today. Ben Shapiro is a brilliant, outspoken radio host and a champion of free speech. He […]

Silenced Film Clip - Ben Shapiro Appearance At CSULA

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I am cancelling the subscription model. I am too busy with film and other projects to warrant a subscription model no matter how inexpensive at this point in time. I have cancelled everyone’s PayPal subscription. The site will be free along with the 1000’s of videos on my YouTube channel. […]

Subscriptions Are Out

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As you might have heard I am Directing a new documentary called “Silenced.” It is being produced by Mike Cernovich and tells the story of free speech in America. We will will be shooting in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and another city or two perhaps. While I have […]

Call For “Silenced” Submissions